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Transforming the face of global asset management with secure, efficient, and scalable blockchain solutions for all. We provide the technology to tokenize your assets, opening a world of unprecedented possibilities.

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DAMREV Network

DAMREV Network empowers global transactions through a resilient, scalable Stellar blockchain-based asset tokenization platform.


DAMREV Oracle, our state-of-the-art governance protocol, bridges the gap between on-chain and off-chain governance systems seamlessly.


DAMREV Swap offers an efficient, secure protocol for the seamless exchange of tokenized assets, facilitating uninterrupted trading.

DAMREV Pronexus

DAMREV Pronexus is our licensed Crypto Asset Service Provider (CASP), ensures a fully regulated, compliant, and tailored crypto services for all.

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ISO 20022 Certified Blockchain

Experience the advantages of the Stellar blockchain with DAMREV. Stellar is a high-performance blockchain platform renowned for its speed, efficiency, and affordability. We chose Stellar for its superior capabilities that align with our mission to democratize asset tokenization and management.

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Tokenized Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Tokenization

We revolutionize the real estate market with our tokenization services. By breaking down properties into tradable digital tokens, we enable fractional ownership, reducing the entry barriers and opening up opportunities for a wider range of investors. This democratization of real estate investment also provides greater liquidity, as tokens can be bought or sold easily on secondary markets. The integration of blockchain technology ensures transparency and trust, with every property and its associated transactions permanently recorded on the Stellar blockchain.

Precious Metals Tokenization - DAMREV
Tokenized Precious Metal Solutions

Precious Metals Tokenization

The tokenization of Precious Metals democratizes access to these traditionally exclusive assets. We enable individuals and businesses to own fractions of gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals, which are securely stored in certified vaults. The process offers enhanced liquidity, as token holders can buy or sell their asset fractions at any time. With the added benefit of blockchain’s transparency, every transaction is traceable, auditable, and tamper-proof, ensuring the utmost security and trustworthiness.

Tokenized Gemstone Solutions

Gemstone Tokenization

Expanding the horizon of our tokenization services, we also delve into the vibrant world of Gemstones. Traditionally, investing in gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, has been an exclusive venture, often reserved for affluent individuals or entities. By tokenizing these valuable assets, we democratize access, allowing anyone to own fractions of these precious stones. Every gemstone is professionally appraised and stored securely, with each digital token representing a proportional share. This ensures enhanced liquidity, as these tokens can be traded on our platform at any time. Moreover, leveraging the transparency of blockchain technology, each tokenized gemstone’s provenance and transaction history are traceable and immutable, ensuring the utmost security and trust. This innovative approach to gemstone investment not only opens up new avenues for diversification but also adds a shimmering facet to the world of tokenized real-world assets.

Gemstone Tokenization - DAMREV
Commodities Tokenization - DAMREV
Tokenized commodities solutions

Commodities Tokenization

At DAMREV, we extend our tokenization services to Commodities. Whether it’s oil, grain, or other commodities, we transform these physical assets into digital tokens. This opens up global participation, as individuals from anywhere can invest in these tokens. By offering fractional ownership, we make commodities more accessible, and the trading process more liquid and efficient. The use of the Stellar blockchain ensures that every transaction is transparent, secure, and fast.

Tokenized Shares & Equity Solutions

Shares & Equity Tokenization

Our platform takes company shares to the digital frontier, making corporate participation more accessible and transparent than ever before. By tokenizing company equity, we enable fractional ownership of shares, allowing investors with varying financial capabilities to participate in the corporate world. This also increases liquidity, as tokens can be traded anytime, irrespective of traditional stock market hours. Moreover, every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, providing complete transparency and reducing the risk of fraud.

Shares & Equity Tokenization - DAMREV
Licensed Crypto Asset Service Provider

100% Regulatory Compliant

At DAMREV, our operations are rooted in strict adherence to regulatory compliance. With Pronexus, we align our standards with regulatory authorities such as the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), South African Reserve Bank (SARB), and Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC). We constantly adapt to changes in the regulatory landscape and conduct regular audits to ensure full compliance. With DAMREV, your asset tokenization journey is backed by our commitment to a 100% regulatory compliant ecosystem.

ISO 20022

DAMREV adheres to ISO 20022, a global standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions, ensuring seamless interoperability.

ISO 27001

DAMREV upholds robust information security management systems, protecting sensitive data and ensuring trust as aligned with ISO 27001 standards.

ISO 9001

DAMREV's commitment to quality management is aligned with ISO 9001 compliance, reflecting our focus on efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction.


DAMREV is compliant with both General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), safeguarding users' privacy rights.