Our Team

Pioneers Leading the Charge in Real World Asset Tokenization

Meet the Innovators Behind DAMREV

At DAMREV, our team is the cornerstone of our success, comprising industry leaders, visionary technologists, and dedicated experts, each bringing a wealth of experience and unique insights into the digital asset management sector. United by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, our team drives the company’s pioneering efforts in blockchain-based tokenization. They are not only adept at navigating the complexities of the digital finance landscape but are also passionate about transforming traditional asset management through cutting-edge technology. Meet the dynamic individuals whose collaborative spirit and strategic foresight are propelling DAMREV towards setting new industry standards and reshaping investment opportunities globally.

Duane Herholdt

Co Founder & CEO

Con Bruce

Co Founder & Executive Director

William Marais

Director & Business Development

Nikola Brdaroski

Chief Technology Officer

Bernard Taljaard

Real Estate Advisor

Cecil Callahan

Advisor: North American Region

Chris Blaauw

Real Estate Advisor

Anselme Tegbo

Advisor: West Africa Region

Bongani Letshabo

Advisor: Southern African Region

Antonio Karapec

Front-end Developer

Dimitar Micevski

DevOps Engineer

Igor Georgioski

Project Lead & Front-end Developer

Hristina Trenchevska​

Front-end Developer

Andrea Brdaroski​

Back-end & Mobile App Developer

Ali Qadiri

Graphic Designer

Dr. Jacques Ludik

Artificial Intelligence Advisor

Anthony Stonefield

Advisor: North American Region

Thomas Vrana

Private Equity Advisor